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25 Oct 2010 08:00 am



24 Oct 2010 01:44 pm

omg LOL the flashing--ahahaha that caught me off guard. Haha. I was freaking out omg-- sdjoaisjdlk.

Alright, I'll wait. Nice anatomy by the way.

24 Oct 2010 02:10 pm

I should inform you the flashing gave me a seizure, sir.

I would normally sue you for such an outrage, but I love Fel too much to consider it....

24 Oct 2010 04:18 pm


not again...
this happend before with another webcomic i really liked: foxtails by magickkitsune.
and now this comic is dead...8-(

i do really hope you keep your comic alive! AND don't even think about not loading up the improved pages...

24 Oct 2010 09:21 pm

Printed? You can get famous off of webcomics? MUST IMPROVE ARTISTIC SKILL!!!

25 Oct 2010 08:05 am

@baeduxai: Thanks! no one rarely tells me i work my anatomy! tho its one of my best features.

@Frappecinno lol sry

@scarving: the difference is that when i work, i take my shirt off, cancel my manicure, grow a moustache, and harden the fuck up:

@AvoryAzion Yes, you can get famous with webcomics, but thats not why im printing. Its cuz the guys at some con need me to bring a printed comic for sale in order to get a table at the con -.- but its cool, its a nice way to promote the webcomic

25 Oct 2010 08:06 am

and i will be uploading all reedited pieces, dont worry, just check constantly older issues.

25 Oct 2010 11:02 am

I wanna see the page where Fel lists the things she loves about Al re-edited the most....

In addition to that, I'd love to see a part 2 of it! (is a sap for romance, I am...)

Keep it ups!

25 Oct 2010 08:54 pm

hahaha thats one that will get less editions :Q i wont probably redraw any frame, seeing it now, it will just probably need some typesetting, and redraw of the missing parts below the actual chat bubbles D: maybe only the first ones, that are the most low-quality will be intensly redrawn

05 Nov 2010 08:12 pm


Maldito malinchista... pero esta buenaso tu trabajo, ya te ganaste una fiel seguidora ^_^ Sigue trabajando, luego hablamos sobre el cosplay (porque hay cosas que debo mandar a hacer :P) y que tengas un lindo dia

05 Nov 2010 09:21 pm

@Scarvig: Reboots don't always mean the death of a comic. Case in point: Picatrix, which has rebooted twice. A well-executed reboot allows for art upgrades and plothole patching.

Found this comic via TWC vote-confirm; fave'd!

08 Nov 2010 06:41 am

I just noticed...

I just noticed that you never added your comics to, so I went ahead and started an entry for it. Feel free to swing by, change the info as you see fit when you have the time to do so. I hope it helps bring more traffic your way. Oh, and add the Spanish language version of the comic as well to the listing.

You can find the entry listing here:

08 Nov 2010 02:15 pm

Oh! thanks for that mr arnold! i really really really appreciate it! :D i have already added profile image and sample comic~~ ill see what i can do to the spanish version, but still i dont find use for an english spoken site

08 Nov 2010 08:53 pm

Webcomic list

I actually was brought here through that list. Saw the little avatar of fel, and was lured into this awesome comic trap!


10 Nov 2010 05:18 pm

OH LAWDY then its WORKING! THANKS INTERNET! :D thanks for commenting about it mr bear :0!!1 this weekend comes the new number 'o' so stay tuned!

23 Nov 2010 07:41 am

That's just...


30 Dec 2010 08:25 pm

*spasms on floor*

17 Jan 2011 04:27 am

Wow,amazing atomony a very beutiful pic ^u^
the flashing toattly caught my eye

17 Jan 2011 09:15 am

xD anatomy you mean?

25 Jan 2011 08:52 am

thats intentional~~ @Reiu

03 Jul 2011 05:08 pm

@SCARVIG foxtails aint dead... not anymore

13 Nov 2011 12:38 pm

The flash made me freak out for second...=.=

08 Dec 2011 03:41 pm

mako is the coolest thing since clockwork orange......

21 Jan 2012 08:46 pm


04 Jun 2013 09:33 am

metal... gear?
ahahah lol

29 Sep 2015 01:23 am