My life with fel updates every Monday (as of 2015)

My life with Fel is the story about a not so average boy, who meets a not so average girl, in not so average circumstances, and live their not so average life at the pace of their peculiarities. Its about relationships, about what we are afraid to do, about videogames, about pop culture, about society, but specially, about love.

My life with Fel is a webcomic that started on February 20th 2010, made by Mexican Freelance Illustrator Kenno Arkkan.

Every page is done on Mondays in a "24 hour comic" fashion.

There are currently two versions of this comic, the original one available here at, and the other, more "polished" and re-edited for the new format one that is being posted on Webtoon and Tapastic since late 2016. Old pages will remain here for their historical value and in case anyone wants the more "vintage" experience. Webtoon and Tapastic offer a more mobile-device-oriented experience.

Thanks to Jeff Hartt for the English version spelling and grammar correction and to Alexander Gee for the amazing Fel Favicon! And to all the patrons that make this comic enterprise possible.