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23 Feb 2015 10:12 pm

Hmmmmm Pawsy's got a date?

i wonder who with? ^^

23 Feb 2015 10:13 pm

I do not know why, but I do not think it will work out the way they both envision it. I have this scene in my head:

I am such a terrible pessimist, though.

23 Feb 2015 10:26 pm

Hmmm Making the news.

Hmmmm, Girls you're fast, but not that fast got to lay low, those Government agents are still looking for you.

23 Feb 2015 11:17 pm

Well well...

It looks like Senpai noticed someone! :3

23 Feb 2015 11:40 pm

I don't like the look of this...

If they have been spotted by the media,all heck is gonna break loose,unless Stripe city has furry conventions.The last thing is for Alpha to be right and the redeyes come knocking on the den's door or the media blowing the hybrid's situation into the open,let alone if Pawsy's date is a trap to lure the hybrid's out.

24 Feb 2015 12:18 am

Bad feeling confirmed there getting close to being caught this story can't be just normal life forever somethings going to happen something bad

24 Feb 2015 12:48 am


I hope so much that this comic doesn't go down the cheap road of a blood bath 3rd act destruction frenzy. This is a comic with one of the best visuals on the internet after all. Color, expression and body language are simply incredible, stunning and beautiful.

Please let them live.

Note to Pawsy: You don't need a paint job. 99% of women look silly with make up. You're no clown, you're as beautiful as a goddess already ( :

24 Feb 2015 03:21 am

@Black Pete: I know you meant that as a compliment, and good on you for embracing natural beauty, but to say that most women look like clowns with makeup is kind of harsh. Women are beautiful with and without makeup.

24 Feb 2015 08:33 am

I hope her makeup wasn't tested on animals.



24 Feb 2015 09:19 am

@BritDillinger: No dude... the start of this arc pretty much takes a plunge into the "what could possibly go wrong?" trope.

24 Feb 2015 09:22 am

@BritDillinger: I don't quite see things going that way. Fel has a lot of experience applying human makeup to herself and should know how to do things just right for Pawsy. The bigger question is whether Pawsy's date, who is probably another hybrid, would appreciate the makeup.

24 Feb 2015 09:27 am

@Darwinskeeper: That was actually the point to the video. Not doubting Fel's ability to do makeup, but doubting the reception Pawsy would get from the rest of the Den.

24 Feb 2015 09:30 am

@Tigerlord: I'm guessing that Pawsy's date is another hybrid. That said, this is not good. The redeyes are already active in Stripe, they chased Fel the night she ended up in Al's dumpster. This will give them, and their allies, reason to keep searching Stripe for the hybrids.

I hope this makes Bagheera rethink exiling Alpha. The last thing the Den needs is for an angry wolf to go out into the city and go human hunting.

24 Feb 2015 12:18 pm

Oh my god it's actually true. They are going out. Woot.

24 Feb 2015 12:20 pm

Kinda harsh

Yeah, it's harsh, but most women are not really experts at makeup. And even good makeup works mostly for photos.

Many people are very left brained about stuff. Makeup = looking better. Doesn't work that way.

Yeah, in my eyes, most makeup and jewelry efforts look silly.

Guide to a beautiful face: Smile a lot, love people. Feel a lot of love and care for other people. Be happy for others. Then the right muscles get training, The wrinkles move to where they should be and you don't ever need to try detours. Laugh a lot, love a lot and exercise. You won't need botox or makeup or holes in your ears. You will be beautiful and gorgeous.

24 Feb 2015 12:23 pm

@ ToastyBuns

I forgot another aspect. Staying curious and embracing daily learning is good for a beautiful face too.

24 Feb 2015 09:35 pm

omg they're so screwed

25 Feb 2015 02:55 am

Now for an Importan Message from our Sponsors...

Pawsy may be too eager... I'd like to believe that she'll be fine, but logic and Fel's tolerance for humanity have made it clear this could go either way.

25 Feb 2015 09:18 am

Who??? I'm beginning to wonder about this date. I had assumed that Pawsy was still going out with Green as they were seen holding hands in the previous week's strip. Still, something about "this... date thing..." makes me wonder. The way she said it suggests that the mighty Pawsy doesn't normally date. This sounds like somebody new, somebody she really likes and wants to impress. That makes me wonder.

25 Feb 2015 12:17 pm

The reporter

When i look at the reporter in the first panel he reminds me of a younger larry king (when i mean by young i mean 100 years younger XD)

25 Feb 2015 02:49 pm

@Darwinskeeper: I hope it won't be someone from the hate humans group. Maybe we have a second human/hybrid relationship.However, a relationship w/ green is much more likely. Maybe this is their first date?

25 Feb 2015 03:33 pm

@creasoleoil: If Pawsy were with a human, then it would be a third human/hybrid relationship, as Mugger & Deniz are very close to becoming a second. That said, Green seems to be the most obvious candidate. Beyond the whole "Limestripes is love limestripes is life", angle they have been shown holding hands recently and I have trouble imagining Pawsy with a man. She vomited when Fell explained the whole heterosexual bonding ritual (135-MLWF in 5 Frames).

26 Feb 2015 06:54 pm


Es ese Joaquin Lopez Doriga?? XD

26 Feb 2015 11:00 pm

So that's why they call her PAWsy

It wasn't untill reading this strip that I saw how large the mighty Pawsy's hands are. While Fell has very human like hands with finger nails and two knuckles per finger, Pawsy's look more like cat's paws, much thicker fingers with only one knuckle each. Of course she may have retractable claws which have the second knuckle.

Looking at her fingers I wonder if Pawsy has trouble picking up and holding things, whether firearms had to specially modified for her use. Ahhh...the questions one thinks of when one is an engineer.