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23 Nov 2015 11:33 pm

Yarr, it be a pirate story!

24 Nov 2015 12:35 am

>.> <.< I like the details on the glasses, they make me happy.

24 Nov 2015 01:58 am

Forest Tail

Nevermind that this takes place in an enclosed lab at the edge of a isolated facility somewhere on an island out far away but close enough to the mainland to imply the very strongly driven fact that the owners of said facility are still monitoring their 'failed investments'...


[This is a tale of a Fox and a Raccoon] was the first thing that came to mind. I watch too much anime.
Overlord, though... That's worth it.

24 Nov 2015 02:36 am

I say nay

@CinnamonSalve: no such thing as too much anime.

24 Nov 2015 04:18 am

The sky was blue and grass was green and had three square meals if you know what I mean

Yay it's a tail of two sisters

24 Nov 2015 07:43 am

An hour?

Only an hour later?
talk about a quicky!

24 Nov 2015 08:14 am

Which story???

@CinnamonSalve: Which story are you talking about? The story between Alex and Mugger probably takes place in a lab on "the Island". The story of Alex and Sophie is taking place in the Den, the secret but not so isolated facility where the hybrids escaped to after they were supposed to be deep sixed.

24 Nov 2015 09:20 am

@Mark: Roughly. You can bet it was a rough, bumpy and well-spent hour. :P

24 Nov 2015 09:26 am

Yeah, the glasses are great. :)

24 Nov 2015 08:32 pm

@Darwinskeeper: I was referring to the former, there is no reason to assume the latter.

26 Nov 2015 06:14 pm

I love how even though sophie gets ass on the daily she is still very lonely. Maybe she should try to get something deeper than a one night stand with some lucky hybrid or person.

27 Nov 2015 03:07 am


I like the cast Everyone from Al, to Fel, heck! Even the that cat! But something that I would be interested in seeing is some more Red-eyes.
I feel like it adds this sense of 'danger'.

But hey! What would I know (Absolutely nothing!) Im just interested in see what might happen next.

Ps. Happy Turkey (late) Day

27 Nov 2015 11:01 am


@alfurr81: no such thing as too much anime, but sure there is such thing as too much "otaku" (to avoid a certain derogatory term that starts with "wee" and ends with "aboo"), if you know what I mean and you can't deny that.

27 Nov 2015 11:26 am

@creasoleoil: I had trouble believing that Sophie was getting it twice a week because her backstory, "Tetras", suggested that she was too geeky to get along with other hybrids. I kinda had a feeling that the hybrids, being female, were more into relationships than one night stands. I wonder if Sophie happens to know a lot of the hybrids that haven't managed to pair off with someone and they manage to work something out. Then she would snuggle with her friend Mugger to avoid loneliness. It may be that Muggs was her only real friend.

27 Nov 2015 04:45 pm

Awww, nice. A little post-coital exposition. Little moments like this really help "humanize" the hybrids and their community.

28 Nov 2015 09:15 am

Yay Story time!

Adventure time after