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20 Apr 2014 10:47 pm

Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter indeed with Sunset Lightning!

Dat's A LOT of Lapine Hybrid!

21 Apr 2014 01:22 am

Ah so many happy things going on... It's so nice....

Something terrible and bad is about to happen.

21 Apr 2014 02:01 am

I was wondering if you noticed the suggestion I posted a few weeks ago?...

21 Apr 2014 06:08 am

I wish I had team lightning clean my house! They would be done so fast...

21 Apr 2014 09:10 am

Protective Gear


A little protective gear, like a full face helmet and a jacket, would not only minimize your chances of getting injured, they would also help conceal your hybridness.


21 Apr 2014 11:06 am

Times are good for team Sunshine Lightning.

They got a home, they got a younger sister that looks up to them and it seems like their team leader as the wind in her hair while she rides her bike.

21 Apr 2014 04:25 pm

As a matter of safety, not genetic engineered kids should always wear helmets.

22 Apr 2014 10:19 am

*Insert Theme Music*

Action Buns, in COLOR!