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13 Apr 2015 08:27 pm


Fel, your going a little overboard with the plan...I LIKE IT!

Al's plan works too...I guess.

13 Apr 2015 08:33 pm

That is not overboard, that is survival instinkt.

13 Apr 2015 08:46 pm

Al is thinking
1:Go batman style
2:Look like crayzy furry lover

Option 2 has ben chosen

13 Apr 2015 08:51 pm

No matter what, I will always chuckle at the fact she just has "Stripes" written on her tail...

13 Apr 2015 08:56 pm

Al & Fel...icity

Either AL has a master plan or Fel is gona to ad Al to the drunken passed out plan.

13 Apr 2015 09:01 pm

that face

first panel, fel has those creepy eyes and i love that "murder them" isn't even a question but option one. you can really feel the killer coming out in the first scene. oh gods, and those dead, soulless eyes in the middle panel are actually kind of horror filled.

13 Apr 2015 09:23 pm


Should have gone with the Dildo, Duck and Booze plan. I call it the "Dildo, Duck and Booze" plan.

13 Apr 2015 09:39 pm

Al father and mother used to Cosplay for fun i bet so Fel is fine :)

13 Apr 2015 10:35 pm

Just knock out the mother the father is too busy being proud at Al to notice

13 Apr 2015 10:42 pm

@ted the saiyanfox: No nead, i think we will see same `SELFCNOCKOUT`s next monday

13 Apr 2015 10:59 pm

I'm going to quote a certain term by a taptastic user by the name of "DHJones" that appeared on Gamer cat's comic "Just No"

"Nyan-Dere" and in this case, it fits.

14 Apr 2015 06:16 am

Realistic look

Props to Kenno for giving Fel a genuine feline "kill stare"!

She looks all the more scary for it in panel 4.

14 Apr 2015 06:32 am

I like her smile in the 4th panel. It suggests that she is good with Al's plan and happy that he is willing to acknowledge her to his family. It will be interesting to see how the folks react to this.

14 Apr 2015 08:03 am

@Darwinskeeper: I thought her look was more along the lines of being snapped out of her death trace into "Al is protecting them. I'll have to play along... but boozed up outside the city limits is still plan B."

14 Apr 2015 08:05 am

Cue Metal Gear Solid emergency music.

As soon as I saw Al's hair lol!

14 Apr 2015 09:23 am


That last panel is the best expression yet, I'm so happy Al loves me, I'm so terrified I'm about to pee myself, and I have no idea what to next.

14 Apr 2015 10:22 am

Meanwhile, the parents are thinking...

Dad's like, "Hmm... redhead, long hair, nice shapely fit figure, decent sized breasts, good grip-able hips, hmm... she's got a tail, and is a bit fuzzy, but she has no piercings or tattoos. My boy like's the ladies and the ladies like him, WOOHOO!"

Mom's like, "What kind of wild women is my darling baby boy getting involved with where they just climb in and out his bedroom window so casually?"

14 Apr 2015 10:44 am

well, in most cases, the truth (or at least partial truth) tends to work out better than lies in the long run.

Bets on them saying she's an actress in Cats or something similar

14 Apr 2015 12:18 pm

If they know shes a hybrid I will shit bricks.

14 Apr 2015 01:57 pm

Holy moly she's a fast thinker

14 Apr 2015 02:49 pm

...Or she could have simply leapt out the window the second they noticed her. If she were fast enough, they wouldn't be certain what they saw and Al could just deny everything and tell them it was probably a burglar or something. Even if they were suspicious, what could they do?

14 Apr 2015 05:26 pm

Oooo, I've seen those eyes in panel 4 on my cat as he's about to spring on some unsuspecting prey as in "Your ass is mine!"

Great save, though. Al's parents in this case.

14 Apr 2015 05:30 pm

@Dark Kuno: They could just say that Felicity is into cosplay, they have used that explanation before.

14 Apr 2015 06:38 pm

@Darwinskeeper: true. Either option unravels as soon as either parent pulls on her ears and/or tail :D

14 Apr 2015 09:57 pm

That works I guess...

(Puts away popcorn and chair)

Not as suspenseful as I would have like but whatever.

Although, why bother calling Fel 'Felicity'? I mean, it's not like hiding her real name is going to help that much.

I now have to wonder how bad Al's parents senses are. How old are they? You'd have to be blind as a bat or have shitty tactile feedback not to notice there's a half-human, half-tiger female in the room.

15 Apr 2015 12:30 am

Just a thought

Maybe the parents once worked on the Hybrid project.

15 Apr 2015 05:36 am

"and she wears a really intricate fursuit"

situation aborted XD

15 Apr 2015 06:42 am


Its interesting that Fel uses the word "murder" in the first panel. It has a somewhat different connotation than the word "kill" in that it acknowledges the person hood of one's victim and suggests that one is doing something wrong. That's why I would assume that any soldier would use the more neutral word "kill".

This might suggest that living with Al is having a profound effect on our former supersoldier.

15 Apr 2015 07:45 am


...Al's a sneakier ninja than Fel? Or had she just gotten lazy because of "all of that BACON!" ? :-)

Or as some lesser known John "Hannibal" Smith would like to say
"i love it when a couple comes together!" ^^

15 Apr 2015 10:07 pm

Title? Do I really want a title?

As to the caption on this one: "Cheap, good, and pretty: Things in life can only have two of these features"
- I'm kinda fond of sunrises and sunsets, myself.

As to Al sneaking up on Fel? That's simple and perfectly in character. He's sufficiently trusted that he's not so much as a blip on her threat radar. She knows he's there, totally aware of his location. It's just that him walking up behind her and grabbing her is a non-event as far as threats are concerned.

16 Apr 2015 11:49 am

No problem here!

It seems people forgot Fel still has the makeup kit with her.Al can say she specializes in makeup,which explains her appearance, saying she works in costumes for plays or other things,which would defuse the situation.

16 Apr 2015 02:42 pm


With all the surveillance and spying on people in today's modern world, one has to wonder how the girls keep such a low profile?

I mean, let's say that there is this guy or girl who likes to take selfies or whatever. She or he checks out the pics taken and noticed something bizarre and impossible in one small corner of a pic...

And thus we have the makings for some paranoid conspiracy theorist who does whatever it takes to discover....THE TRUTH. (Even if it makes him/her look very silly and/or unhinged.)

16 Apr 2015 06:41 pm

"Sloooowwwwwly I turned..."

16 Apr 2015 10:42 pm

@Scallion Thrash: whel if considering hentai univers as part if this , powse us doing great job of "keaping" hibrids a seacret. a(fter work as i remember)

17 Apr 2015 10:56 am

@Aliumas147: So, if I understand you correctly, you believe Pawsy is currying favors with someone or some group in the intelligence community to keep everything a secret?

Parry strikes me as being to willful to stoop to such a task. Then again, I could be wrong...

17 Apr 2015 11:02 am

@Scallion Thrash: unfortunatly you are incorect. Powsy wisits webcheat rooms with live peaple and webcams. Ya i know i nead to stop waching H tipe stuff.

17 Apr 2015 11:21 am

Ohhhh my...(evil grin)

How scandalous...

Should I assume then that Pawsy's date is from one of these sessions?

I'm inuiting the start of a career as an escort for her...

17 Apr 2015 12:05 pm

@Scallion Thrash: im dont know, maybe ,dos not show any live meathings, only true net.

Btw how old are you?

17 Apr 2015 12:19 pm


Sorry,bub. I don't hand out those sorts of details online. I cherish my privacy.

17 Apr 2015 12:56 pm

@Scallion Thrash: At bigining i was considering on posting link but i realised there might be kids here.:)

17 Apr 2015 06:57 pm

Let the games begin

Okay I am looking forward to see how Al pulls this out of his arse. He is gonna need a whole bottle of lube.