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25 Jul 2014 02:31 pm

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27 Jul 2014 03:01 pm

aaaah here we go ^^
that's great they can talk it out, hope their relationship will get better at the end

27 Jul 2014 03:19 pm


Love the pacing of the girl hate girl,very natural

27 Jul 2014 08:15 pm

my world

nice to see i'm not alone now... even though she's a comic character...

27 Jul 2014 11:32 pm


I dont like that interruption line at the end....something is going to happen next Sunday!

28 Jul 2014 12:49 am

Another niche for Fel...

..."Dating agency [swirly font] Fel [/swirly font]
fear not poor pot,
we'll find yer kettle!"

...or a TV-show kinda like....

....things going places, y'all know.

28 Jul 2014 01:14 am

You're hardly Alone

@ecurps: Its not just comic characters who have to deal with that. When I was younger it was pretty much the same thing, the guys who were athletic and good looking were the popular ones and those of us who weren't popular just faded into the background, or worse (think of Al describing his life at work). When I got into high school I had just transferred to normal school from special education and was pretty much the school geek, the guy who was either ignored or considered "that wierdo". As I got older I just learned to be happy being myself found that there were always some people who appreciated me for being me. If you look around you'll find there are a lot of other characters who feel the same way. Just as Mugger has Alex and Sophie.

28 Jul 2014 01:18 am

Alex & Sophie

@Darwinskeeper: from how they act i always figured Alex was nearly an egomaniac if not having a constant superiority complex. and i assumed Sophie, being panda, is just lazy. ^^;

28 Jul 2014 04:32 am

The Fox is adorable~

28 Jul 2014 05:16 am

Early update, wut?
Finally glad to see this page pop up, though. I'm expecting a teary hug and strong bonding moment.

28 Jul 2014 07:08 am

I wouldn't think Mugger is exactly alone in her feelings on her last points.

From what we've seen, the Engineers all seem to have that problem on different levels.

28 Jul 2014 11:35 am

Sounds like she's going a good job at explaining herself; hopefully it will be enough for Fel to at least tolerate her again.

Really like the flow and camera angles on this one, the desaturated colors go along with the mood very well too.