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20 Oct 2014 02:56 am


20 Oct 2014 03:05 am

Love be love.

I can see these two haven a bright future <3

20 Oct 2014 03:34 am

Can you feel the love tonight?

20 Oct 2014 03:44 am

Aww yiss!

Dis gonna be good!

20 Oct 2014 04:18 am

No Peeking!

Or else no leg molds for you!

20 Oct 2014 04:29 am

aww, this be cute and awesome! I can't wait to see how the leg turns out. (wonder if it will just be a prosthetic leg or a mechanical prosthetic leg!)

20 Oct 2014 04:58 am

Knowing Mugger? That leg's gonna be cybernetic to the point of he'll be able to do gymnastics

20 Oct 2014 07:33 am

If she's not careful, she's going to end up making a prosthetic that's so good, he'll have to cut off hi OTHER leg and get it replaced, just to keep up!

20 Oct 2014 12:54 pm

I wonder if Alex will be shocked by this turn of events. She seems to be fairly astute and watchful and I don't think that Mugger was too stealthy (after all Pawsy knew about it) but she seems to have feelings for Muggs and love can make one blind.

20 Oct 2014 01:10 pm

mold?? why would he apply mold on his leg?

20 Oct 2014 01:39 pm

@ted the saiyanfox: Mugger is certainly building it!

20 Oct 2014 01:57 pm

@SyntheticPhylum: Someone read Grunts?
@talantus: Is a casting mold not the fungus. this way she can make the end of the prosthetic fit the end of his biological leg.

20 Oct 2014 03:38 pm

Leg Mold

From family experience with a prosthetic leg, the mold is used to make the rubber lining of the interior of the prosthetic, which is removable from the rest of the orthotic. So when the stump of the leg shrinks down due to weight being pressed down on the end of the leg, a new mold can be made at relatively cheap cost. Considering how much time has passed since he amputated his lower leg, his stump may have shrunk down as much as it's going to.

I am also curious if the prosthesis will be a mechanical or a low-grade cybernetic like the ones that are currently being made for injured British, Canadian, and American war veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

20 Oct 2014 04:31 pm


Has Mugger been loosing weight?

If this shows up as a reply to GreatBasinCoyote's comment, again, then please excuse me. I don't know why it was doing that.

20 Oct 2014 04:32 pm


can't wait to see the badass prosthetic she'll do for him ^^

20 Oct 2014 06:53 pm

I really love the way he drew Monica in the 2nd panel. I get the feeling that after dealing with the usual burns and scrapes, she's excited about dealing with a serious problem. I also love the way Sophie is helping Muggs. I was afraid she would be jealous.

20 Oct 2014 09:10 pm

We now cut to sub-plot #11

I took me a full minute to figure out why Mugger was doing this, I... I kinda forgot about Alex... I shame :'(

20 Oct 2014 10:42 pm


Can't help think that Alex is gonna go all stone cold bitch about this.

21 Oct 2014 01:42 am

It's about time mugger finally got a leg-up on something.

21 Oct 2014 03:03 am

@Sherbert T Cat: Yeah, especially as she once noted that she doesn't like Deniz. The notion of her Mugger being in love with him will hurt.

21 Oct 2014 07:18 am

Never heard of Grunts, actually...

@Hornet: Grunts? No. I just play (and run) Cyberpunk & Shadowrun games. Also, my IRL legs are screwed up to the point where I'll be first in line when full-limb cybernetic prosthetic replacement becomes an option! They're not bad off enough to justify replacing them with CURRENT technology, but they're still pretty bad off! While it wouldn't be a huge issue to replace a single arm, when it comes to full-on cybernetic LEGS, you need to replace both for balance and performance reasons, as a "meat" leg would never be able to "keep up" with a "chrome" leg.

21 Oct 2014 08:13 am

hey kenno i been seeing the comic for a long while and i always wonder where does it take place what city are they living at cud you help clear my couriosity please

22 Oct 2014 07:33 pm


Personally for the scene i think the track "Some assembly required" from portal 2 would fit better, But only in terms of how it sounds, The TITLE "Love is a construct" Fits better here

23 Oct 2014 02:13 am

@Darwinskeeper: I think I got the sentiment wrong in the second panel. I think the reason that Monica is so excited is that she realizes why Mugger is doing this and the notion of somebody being so in love as to create an artificial limb for someone else touches her deeply.

I get the feeling that Monica is very sensitive and deeply romantic.