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02 Feb 2016 12:08 am

In Panel 4, Deniz became an Atari Jaguar game.

02 Feb 2016 01:08 am

You know, it's nice to see the perspective of someone who, in most narratives, would be a mook, a minion, someone to be cut down in the service of the narrative with neither remorse or detail beyond that strictly necessary for that role.
These people aren't evil as such. What they did was evil, but what they are is people, for all their working lives and, for some, earlier, they were told, trained, indoctrinated in following orders, no matter what. No sitting out, waiting around to suss out the moral implications of the action, you got to move, soldier! That's not a bad thing in direct combat. Things happen fast, and, as an individual solider, you don't really see the big picture, but it can, and has been, boy has it been, abused, misused and taken advantage of.
Evil is not cackling and maniacal, cool and calculating; evil is mundane.

02 Feb 2016 02:16 am

As a person who has gone through therapy for a number of reasons (chronic depression, autism, bullying problems, suicidal thoughts, etc.) I 110% agree that talking about this shit is HARD.

02 Feb 2016 02:25 am

This is something nobody should have to re-iterate: PTSD is no joke.

02 Feb 2016 02:50 am

There's more.

@Deonis: What makes it worse is that he actually can't talk about it. This is all confidential, and thus never happened. This is the first time he has had to ever say what happened to him to another human.

02 Feb 2016 05:57 am

A weight off his shoulders, I imagine.

02 Feb 2016 07:23 am

@Sherbert T Cat: Where did you learn to fly?

02 Feb 2016 08:57 am

@Ravens Rage: I remembering wondering what a James Bond movie would look like from the minion's point of view. What would be his motivation to work for a boss who sees him as expendable to the point of killing him if he failed. In real life, you get evils like the Islamic State which motivates people by ideology or a twisted form of religion. In Bond's case I imagined it to be a combination of money and adrenaline.

02 Feb 2016 10:15 am


@Darwinskeeper: I actually really like stories that follow the minion characters and reveals what brought them to do what they do. Especially when it explores the others that they may meet in said work and what happens to them once they encounter the "hero".

02 Feb 2016 12:10 pm

@Koren: That it is.

02 Feb 2016 12:13 pm

@Darwinskeeper: I had an idea for such a story, and the common thread was they were all dead men walking (some form of terminal illness in several cases) so they needed money real quick for those they cared about.

02 Feb 2016 01:27 pm

@Sherbert T Cat: Oh Talos he does.

03 Feb 2016 10:55 am

I have a friend

who goes to a shrink... and after he gets out he is pretty morose but at the same time relieved. It is an odd sensation to be empathic to.

04 Feb 2016 06:57 pm

Wait, a wolf...?

A Wolf Woman???

Could it be....?


05 Feb 2016 02:35 pm

...yes, a wolf.

@Guest: Yeah, when Deniz was introduced, they showed a Wolf girl cutting off his leg with a red eye's Katana. I don't think it was Alpha though. The hybrids showed Mugger a film of their first meeting with Deniz and I had the impression that he was talking about someone other than Alpha. A New Year's Eve strip showed Alpha remembering one of her fellow Wolves. I think the mourned wolf died protecting the others.