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18 Jul 2016 07:35 pm

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Due to SDCC this week, there will be no update next monday :X see you around!


18 Jul 2016 07:42 pm

This is so true

18 Jul 2016 07:44 pm

Oh dear, that went downhill quick.

18 Jul 2016 08:00 pm


fel covered in Cheeto dust not sure if hot or not humm

18 Jul 2016 11:46 pm

Juice Box!

Oh, how I wish I was that juice box in panel 3. Lucky juice box!

Great Art work once again.

19 Jul 2016 02:26 am

Say, we should get Ashens to taste test that Kenno Cola.

19 Jul 2016 03:14 am

"Sorry Puss, but you're not geting the D... anymore until you get a shower. Jeez, you smell worst that when I met you"

19 Jul 2016 08:25 am

Or ya know, she could do Pokemon Go?

Hey its what ALL the kids are doing... And adults...And even the old people....

What can I say, it has more people than twitter.

And just imagine the stories that would come about as the masked Pokemon Go player "FeltheDestroyer" is taking over every gym in town. Even into there twilight years, men and women will speak her name with reverence.

19 Jul 2016 11:50 am

What worries me the most is the box of tissues and what that...usually entails with being online. >>

19 Jul 2016 01:37 pm

Anyone noticed how she has seriously upgraded her gaming equipment between Day 2 and Day 7? :p
... this is the way it HAD to go :D

19 Jul 2016 06:48 pm

Well that escalated quickly :D

19 Jul 2016 09:09 pm

Oh thank god!

I was hoping this wouldn't stay downhill, thank you for putting an end to it before it began XD

20 Jul 2016 03:36 am

Kenno Dew...

...You intend to put Fel through the ringer for too much longer?

Seriously though, this woman just goes full throttle on everything...

20 Jul 2016 10:35 am

could have been worse

Could have been worse. Years ago she could have become addicted to WarCrack.

20 Jul 2016 12:21 pm

Fel looks adorable

In panel #4. Awaww, I just want to give her a hug... and a shower. She also looks rabid!

20 Jul 2016 06:29 pm

Sweet, now Fel has no reason to not swing by the den at some point to find out what her other sisters are up to. Maybe get asked questions from other den-izens about relationships with human guys cause they're curious to have a tab "A" to insert into their slot "B" on a regular basis with some emotional fulfillment. Perhaps cook up a scheme to be a hybrid match maker. Put her spying to use to scout prospective human guys out before getting them together with her sisters.

21 Jul 2016 10:23 pm

"Unlike you"

"Unlike you I actually get the D"

ROFLMAO that brought tears to my eyes. lol

22 Jul 2016 01:41 pm

Poor Fel. She'll be grateful a bit later that she has Al around to help give her life some balance.

23 Jul 2016 10:17 am


these last few strips I found really funny, but I do have a serious question, are you going to do any merch for "Afterwatch" if not I'd like to show this to some Artist Ally friends of mine cuz I think this could be a really funny spoof line.

26 Jul 2016 01:26 am

Kenno Dew, coming to a store near you!

27 Jul 2016 02:51 pm

Kenno says that he's at SDCC, and that's why there's no comic. I call bullshit on that. I know damned well that he's in Colorado, punching bears and taking their bee syrup. I know this because this bear was all like "Fuck dude, I just got back from Colorado, and the world's sexiest Mexican done fucked my shit up!"

29 Jul 2016 02:21 am

Boobs as cupholders

Clever girl. Clever girl Fel... *tips hat to her for future ideas for long gaming sessions*