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16 Nov 2014 09:16 pm

Frankenno Miller's....

My Life With Sin City: A Dame Who Kills For... O_O

16 Nov 2014 09:17 pm

never mess with the tonuki girl that CAN MAKE HER OWN ARSENAL!!!!

16 Nov 2014 09:22 pm


Love the direction you went with this page! Great job! :D

16 Nov 2014 09:27 pm

Didn't see that coming!!!

Didn't quite expect Mugger to take the Q route to solving her problem but I shouldn't have been surprised. I still imagine she will get an interesting welcome when she returns to the den.

I wonder what Monica will say about this when she treats the wolf girl's injuries.

16 Nov 2014 09:29 pm

I can't tell if she lost her arm or..

16 Nov 2014 09:29 pm


So apparently, her 'bracelet' is actually a razor-sharp ring device of some sort, and her tail isn't that floofy & long for nothing...apparently useful for storing non-lethal and lethal explosives.

Color me surprised, to say the least..."Bandit" indeedy. :)

16 Nov 2014 10:05 pm

Called it.


16 Nov 2014 10:15 pm

@K-Dog08: I'm sort of surprised that Mugger is willing to wear something like that on her arm. It looks like the blades may have just sliced the skin and the upper layer of muscle. While the bleeding looks pretty ugly, it doesn't look like she's bleeding to death. Given the fact that hybrids have a pretty strong self healing ability I imagine she will keep the arm though she would be wise to get to the infirmary pronto.

16 Nov 2014 10:22 pm

@Darwinskeeper: Mind you, her exact words were "...if you want to keep your arm..." so the bracelet may be designed to permanently mess up the arm. I hope it doesn't. The situation in the Den will get uglier if the arm needs to be amputated.

16 Nov 2014 10:27 pm

So... Mugger is the kind of girl who goes about carrying a flashbang just in case... I like that d:

16 Nov 2014 11:44 pm

"Haha! Fuck you, I got booty!"

17 Nov 2014 03:33 am

Well she did give fare warning in the last page.

17 Nov 2014 04:10 am

It seems someone forgot that Mugger was trained in lethal combat, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER HYBRID IN THE DEN.

Seriously, this is the perfect example of why you shouldn't think with your ass. Unless you're Mugger, for obvious reasons.

17 Nov 2014 04:20 am

badassness earned

17 Nov 2014 09:57 am

And this...

Is why Mugs is one of my fave hybrids! Never underestimate the the ones who seem rather odd, they might just surprise you.

17 Nov 2014 10:10 am

Artistic Choices

Kenno has experimented with quite a few different drawing styles as he's worked on this strip. Some, like the "big head" strip he drew when Bonnie was introduced to the Den seemed silly or just didn't work for me but this Frank Miller inspired strip REALLY works. Congratulations Kenno

17 Nov 2014 10:41 am


Flashbangs are great for getting out of dodge...

...Unless you drop your mission package before using one...

...Then they're better for closing in for the kill.

17 Nov 2014 05:36 pm

It's like....

...."soup of the day:

shaved armpits."

17 Nov 2014 09:21 pm

The moral of the story here is that you never challenge an Artificer, especially the one who just spent lots of time crafting a highly advanced cybernetic prosthetic leg.

17 Nov 2014 10:07 pm


With this Mugger reminds me of Clyde Shelton from Law Abiding Citizen. Not to physically intimidating but she's a think tank. Can kill you without ever being in the same room.

17 Nov 2014 11:16 pm


Takes a certain lack of self-awareness to not know when you've been outclassed...

A drink, to Muggers! Queen of Preparedness and also Emissary of Patching Up Lost Relationships!

17 Nov 2014 11:53 pm

@edgeblade: nice try edge, but its actually tAnuki lol

18 Nov 2014 11:12 am

@Koren: I don't think they forgot, rather they thought what with being field operatives that they had received the better training.

18 Nov 2014 04:51 pm

well, that's one use of a fluffy tail. i like the black and white page, it's an interesting deviation from the norm.

19 Nov 2014 12:39 am

@Koren: They probably underestimate her, because she is, on their scale, a "bit chunky." Also, she's got the tech-geek thing going on, so they figure she'd be useless in a fight. I also get the impression that some of them aren't all that aware of the behaviors of their animal-types in nature, so they'd have no idea that racoons can be nasty in a scrap!

19 Nov 2014 09:26 am

Don't poke the happy fun raccoon! Damn looks like that thing unzipped her arm like a curly fry, I know what I want for x-mas. I think everyone that lives through this is going to get in a world of shit for behaving very human.

19 Nov 2014 11:12 am

@Syndy: As happy as I am to see that Mugger is more than able to protect herself, I agree that this little incident is going to have repercussions, probably beyond Mugger and the trio. For a small community like the Den to exist, there needs to be a fair amount of cooperation between the hybrids and tolerance for each other. By threatening to take the prosthetic from Mugger by force, wolf girl threatened the spirit of cooperation that the Den requires. Mugger's response, which may lead Monica to perform her first amputation, further threatens things. There are some who will not forgive her actions. This could open up fissures between the tech community and the other hybrids or between hybrids with different views of the red eyes' actions. This could definitely put an end to good times at the Den.

20 Nov 2014 09:10 am

O_O Whaaaaat?!?! Infighting?!? Nuuuuuu!!!

20 Nov 2014 09:42 am

Screw it.

Fel lives with Al... Muggs can live with Deniz. Plus, they like each other. In a scrap, maybe she can spend a bit of time at Michael's too.

EDIT: And I'm guessing that's the wolf-lady with the intense eyes we saw at the end of the Lab attack flashback? Yeah. It seems the Red-Eyes wound up more of a tattoo in her mind than anyone else.

20 Nov 2014 09:35 pm

@Captain Sandwich: That's what I'm guessing. She was the one who cut off Deniz's leg to help her fellow hybrids escape. I remember Mugger taking a shower or bath and remembering seeing the wolf girl cry in the boat as they escaped. She may have lost more friends than say Mugger or Fel and be less willing to forgive.

21 Nov 2014 01:48 pm

Testing the Merchandice

I still think wearing that blade bracelet risky, should it malfunction

21 Nov 2014 09:48 pm

@Darwinskeeper: The hybrid who did that did not survive. Most likely fought to buy time for the others. This wolf hybrid may have been the one in the boat. Being a direct witness to the inhuman slaughter of her sisters would leave mental scars that may never heal. Among those that have been trained to kill threats of violence would be rare most would just do it like Mugger did.

In VanHelsing "If your going to kill someone do it, don't talk about it.

22 Nov 2014 03:38 am

At first I thought Mugger took her arm off in several places.
Now I see its just a cut all along the arm.
A bad cut but not as bad as I first thought.
Should be a pain to fix up but I'm going to assume she'll heal eventually.
They are made for combat after all.
Still Mugger probably made things worse by going that far with a blade and all.
Kind of eager to see how things turn out for her, hopefully not too badly.

22 Nov 2014 07:36 am

Damn, cute AND dangerous!

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but Mugger keeps a little raccoon tail ornament on the ring of her flashbang grenade!

22 Nov 2014 03:48 pm

Mugger confirmed Favorite character