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25 Jul 2014 02:31 pm

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27 Jul 2014 03:01 pm

aaaah here we go ^^
that's great they can talk it out, hope their relationship will get better at the end

27 Jul 2014 03:19 pm


Love the pacing of the girl hate girl,very natural

27 Jul 2014 08:15 pm

my world

nice to see i'm not alone now... even though she's a comic character...

27 Jul 2014 11:32 pm


I dont like that interruption line at the end....something is going to happen next Sunday!

28 Jul 2014 12:49 am

Another niche for Fel...

..."Dating agency [swirly font] Fel [/swirly font]
fear not poor pot,
we'll find yer kettle!"

...or a TV-show kinda like....

....things going places, y'all know.

28 Jul 2014 01:14 am

You're hardly Alone

@ecurps: Its not just comic characters who have to deal with that. When I was younger it was pretty much the same thing, the guys who were athletic and good looking were the popular ones and those of us who weren't popular just faded into the background, or worse (think of Al describing his life at work). When I got into high school I had just transferred to normal school from special education and was pretty much the school geek, the guy who was either ignored or considered "that wierdo". As I got older I just learned to be happy being myself found that there were always some people who appreciated me for being me. If you look around you'll find there are a lot of other characters who feel the same way. Just as Mugger has Alex and Sophie.

28 Jul 2014 01:18 am

Alex & Sophie

@Darwinskeeper: from how they act i always figured Alex was nearly an egomaniac if not having a constant superiority complex. and i assumed Sophie, being panda, is just lazy. ^^;

28 Jul 2014 04:32 am

The Fox is adorable~

28 Jul 2014 05:16 am

Early update, wut?
Finally glad to see this page pop up, though. I'm expecting a teary hug and strong bonding moment.

28 Jul 2014 07:08 am

I wouldn't think Mugger is exactly alone in her feelings on her last points.

From what we've seen, the Engineers all seem to have that problem on different levels.

28 Jul 2014 11:35 am

Sounds like she's going a good job at explaining herself; hopefully it will be enough for Fel to at least tolerate her again.

Really like the flow and camera angles on this one, the desaturated colors go along with the mood very well too.

28 Jul 2014 05:06 pm


Since everyone has commented on the commonality of Mugger's plight, I won't add any additional detail except that I definitely do understand being on the outside and looking in...

I do fine Fel's look in the last panel interesting. It is surprising in that it shows something telling: that Fel is willing to forgive and wants to be Mugger's friend again. I know this may sound surprising, but I have learned an aspect of human nature in that sometimes we need a reason to forgive others, even if that other person is someone loved or cared about.

Human's are not completely altruistic beings. We want to believe we are, but in reality, we hold grudges and hard feelings based upon events that transpire, thinking (and sometimes agonizing) on the supposed ill will those that have wronged us hold against us. That's why when we talk with the ones that have hurt or wronged us, we learn the truth behind what really happened and begin to forgive past transgressions.

So yes, Fel hearing how Mugger truly feels is the reason that I think Fel needs to forgive. If Fel didn't really care, I don't think her face would denote the empathy and sympathy it portrays.

Just my two cents.

29 Jul 2014 01:12 am

That explains it...

This strip finally explain's Mugger's words in "Breakdown". Fel and Al were reconnecting and Mugger really needed to say she was sorry, maybe say that she didn't understand the nature of the relationship and leave as gracefully as she could. Instead she exploded.

"What about me!? You seem to reeaally enjoy rubbing in my face the fact of how miserable I am!"

It was the worst thing I could even imagine saying, given the circumstances. Listening to Mugger I kind of understand where she was coming from. It was a lousy thing for her to do, and to complain afterwards made things worse, but she is only human.

29 Jul 2014 01:58 am

Al and Mugger Make More Sense Together

Y'know, this episode really makes me realize that Al and Mugger really do make more sense together as a couple. Honestly, though I love the comic, I've never understand why Al and Fel are anything more than just sex friends at most.

Seriously. It just seems like the only reason they are together was because he was a lonely loser, and she literally didn't know any other men at the time. But initially, they had nothing in common. She was a tough, former military assassin or something, he was just some guy with no social life who played video games and felt emo. Sure, she's adapted and become more like him, but he hasn't become more like her at all. He hasn't gotten physically or mentally or socially stronger in any way. He hasn't really changed. He hasn't made any new friends, or become ambitious enough to change his job, etc.

The point is, they have a lot of passion together, but to me it always seemed like just sex between horny people who have no other options. They don't really share much in common based on their personalities, their backgrounds, their hobbies and interests (at least not originally, as I'm guessing Fel didn't like video games until Al introduced them to her). The only thing they share in common is that they like screwing each other, which seems situational since Fel literally doesn't know any other men personally right now except for Bonnie's father (who is old) and Mugger's boss (who is gay). The same goes for Al, whom we haven't really seen with any other recurring human females as far as I can recall.

So, in closing, the more that we learn about Mugger, the more it seems that they have a LOT more common in their personality, hobbies, and background than Al and Fel do. They both were outsiders who never fit into the social group and yearned for companionship. They both are socially awkward geeks with not much physical ability who are into nerdy things. They were both extremely lonely in their pasts.

Yep, to me it really seems like Al and Mugger have more in common, and that Al and Fel are only together because he happened to find her in his trash and neither of them knew anybody else as alternate choices at that time. In reality though, it seems to me that a strong, feisty, passionate woman like Fel would be more likely to be with a guy who was strong, confident, passionate, and daring rather than a submissive, socially awkward, totally ordinary office boy working a 9-5 job.

29 Jul 2014 03:14 am

You're not entirely wrong

@Furryfan: I agree that Al has a lot more in common with Mugger than he does with Fel. I imagine that if Al had met the coon lady first the strip might be called "My life with Muggs".

Instead, he found a certain red head lying in his dumpster and instead of calling the police or an ambulance, Al brought her into his home, cleaned up her wounds and fixed her up as well as he could. That started a strange dance that involved Fel breaking into his apartment to steal food and partake in other things (snacks, puzzles & books) he left out for her. All this (and a fair amount of passion) led up to the relationship Al and Fel have today.

I suspect a major reason that Al and Fel's relationship works is that they have a lot of ying and yang. Early in the comic, Fel commented that she didn't really like buff men (like the male strippers who were common in Al's neighborhood) maybe she prefers a soft man that she can laugh with and snuggle up to than an athletic one who might drive her competitive instincts. It might also be noted that a lot of stronger men might not be able to live with being bested by a woman, even a genetically engineered super soldier. Beyond all the great sex, I think each is learning something else from the other.