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25 May 2015 11:46 pm

STOP!!! The Cat Sponge is innocent!! The culprit is the one-eyed!! Toritooooo!!!

25 May 2015 11:54 pm



26 May 2015 12:07 am

that night, She went Jotaro on everyone. no one was left un-injuried that night

26 May 2015 12:15 am

The kind of fight.

No wonder why Al's mom doesn't let him see that kind of stuff.

26 May 2015 12:19 am

They should know Parrents by now.

XD I mean come on, they do work on the internet, they have access to the internet, and wiki, they look up human sexual habits all the time, and know about reproduction. Heck since they are part human some have shown interest in what the human world is like a simple Wiki search should have explained family since they also often consider each other sisters of sorts.

Even Bonnie has a "Dad".

haha poor Aldo. ^_^

26 May 2015 12:58 am

Pawsy's Date

Did no one notice that Pawsy's date was with Green? Or is everyone focused on the fight?

26 May 2015 01:04 am

Yaaaay Pawsy and Green! Unexpected and cute!

26 May 2015 01:14 am

Well sir...

*crusty old Western narrator voice* "That there ass whoopin' would go down in the history books. It was heard as far away as Misfile! Each and e'ry last one of those bunnie gals wondered what poor life decisions led them up to this here moment. Dan from Blaster Nation took notice as well, but he was too busy bein' fat and playin' Dreamcast to really care."

26 May 2015 01:58 am

This was awesome, had a feeling Fel would come to the rescue, and Pawsy and Greeny too cute for words.

26 May 2015 03:47 am

Brought to you by the better intell counsel

Object lesson on get you fact right before messing with her man. Talking could have saved so much pain.
Medical clean up at Al's place. :P

26 May 2015 04:45 am

Cats Will Be Cats

Cats are territorial. And you don't own a cat so much as the cat claims you.

Yeah... after the incident with Mugger and Green trying to kill Al, Fel's going to assume the worst. I'd hate to be in the buns' shoes right now.

26 May 2015 04:48 am

I can't help but feel that Pawsy and Green somehow set this whole thing up. (The bunnies vs Fel, I mean)

26 May 2015 06:10 am

Al's got Fel's scent all over him, they should know better.

26 May 2015 06:13 am


26 May 2015 07:51 am

@BrownOx: Yup, saw that! Kinda hard to not notice! How the hell did that happen?! o_O

Don't get me wrong, not saying it's weird or anything, but still! Totally out of the left field!

26 May 2015 10:52 am

Oh boy...

My question is who is going to pay to repair the damage to Al's house?
You have broken windows,broken doors, bunny imprints on the wall, etc.,etc....

26 May 2015 11:01 am

Well...'s not the entire bunny squad. After all, they fortunately left Bonnie out of this raid. Luckily, the cat sponge was able to preserve some of Al's modesty. Next thing you know they'll be remarking how surprisingly endowed he is.

26 May 2015 11:10 am

Also, pizza.

Pizza is the fanciest date food. FACT!

26 May 2015 11:17 am

Oh yea...

@Bryan: After double take your right, its looks oddly familiar yet its shaking too WITh another box ontop of it weighting it down.

26 May 2015 11:19 am

Thank you rosscoe

@Rosscoe: (bows low in honor)

26 May 2015 11:20 am

Thank you

@Boodyismpillow: Also notice that once Kamina glasses gets out of the box she seems to be wearing Al's discarded underwear.

26 May 2015 01:59 pm

@Sherbert T Cat: Sherbert... holy shit... I can't breathe. That's beautiful. You're beautiful. This whole thing is beautiful. *passes out*

26 May 2015 02:02 pm

@Bryan: I'm pretty sure that's the same leg-harness-thing she's wearing when she pops out of the box

26 May 2015 02:13 pm

@Helliote: Toted jelly of Pawsy, Green be the hottest of the whole hybrid gang.

26 May 2015 02:30 pm

@BrownOx: I noticed! I believe this is also the first time we see Pawsy wearing clothes, isn't it?

26 May 2015 03:31 pm


(And this joke goes flying over anyone who isn't Mexican.)

26 May 2015 03:43 pm


I can't stop laughing, the bunnies just got themselves a one way ticket to thunderdome!
Also Pawsy and Green are an epic ship! <:3

26 May 2015 05:39 pm

lol, you're right

@Guest: it is in fact the harness Kamina glasses is wearing. My mistake.

26 May 2015 06:38 pm


......that'll leave real scratchmarks on them fuzzy bunbutts, and they should know a real warrior displays scars with prrrride ^^.

As for Pawsy & Green, damn girls yer gots a fine style !

26 May 2015 06:46 pm

Wait a tic... the hybrids are aware that they are incapable of having children themselves, but they don't know what the concept of parents means? :u

26 May 2015 08:59 pm


The advice! where's the advice? how will i do without the advice?

26 May 2015 09:03 pm

@BrownOx: Given that Pawsy and Green have been flirting & hanging around together for some time, I assumed that Pawsy's date was Green. I mean who else could it be, Michael?

26 May 2015 09:43 pm

I realize that Tigers are foremost in strength, but its still amazing that Fel could hold her own against 4 other 2nd gen hybrids.

26 May 2015 10:54 pm


that guy!! xD
ohhh gawd i loved your comic so much! you win a like, and, hopefully, a new patreon, until i get sum monies from some works hehe
hoping to continue watching this, is very, well, amazing!

26 May 2015 10:56 pm

It's a bit of a stretch

@TastesLikeGreen: but it works as a vehicle for the misunderstanding. More realism would involve a 10+ panel back-and-forth where Fel didn't know why humans took parentage as any sort of authority, "parents" would be replaced with "mom and dad" and the Lapins would make the mistake of thinking those were code names for Al's handlers and that Al was an agent, amusing sequences involving "Who is mom" or even a forced "who's your daddy" joke crammed in sideways. It would take several pages and not be that much funnier than what's already up.

But Captain Kenno gots better things to do than write/draw all that stuff and spread it out across all those pages. Gotta keep the plot movin' ya know?

27 May 2015 12:38 pm

@BrownOx: That got revealed a while ago, I think? can't remember when, but I wasn't the least surprised when I saw it, so, it must have been mentioned somewhere, right?

27 May 2015 08:57 pm

Panel 7.

I wonder how Al's going to explain the skylight and the door to his super. I hope that Al and Fel are good at home repairs.

28 May 2015 04:54 am

ohhh shit just got real for the bunny girls looks like there going to be some rabbit stew tonight

28 May 2015 02:49 pm

@c_arnold: Well Bonnie would have gotten the Buns to stop before they got to this level of screw up after all.

28 May 2015 04:08 pm

@Maark30: If Swift had been a little more on the ball, she would have called Bonnie and asked her about what she had overheard. Actually she could have asked Bagheera, who could have either asked Fel & Al or called in Michael for a little intelligence gathering.

Swift might stand for Sure Wish I had been a Faster Thinker.

29 May 2015 05:19 am

It's time...

... to have the "talk"

seriously, after that, I hope hal goes to the den to teach 'em about the stork and the bees and birds and how the hell is this "parent" thing working ^^