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27 Jul 2015 11:40 pm

I foresee

A very touching moment where Bonnie's dad is going to help Mugs realize something.

28 Jul 2015 01:18 am

Things take time.

Mugger is trying to help him out, but shes also trying to make things move fast. She wants a relationship fast, she wants to fix the man she loves fast, she wants everything Fel and Al have fast because she feels like shes behind.

28 Jul 2015 05:31 am

Mental Scars

Mugger might not realize how fragile the human psyche is, and that by helping her man to run it will force him to deal with this issue. The thing that would probably help him the most would be if she were to act as a stabilizing element in his life, but, then again his ptsd moment involved the slaughter of hybrids, so it will probably take a good long while.

I bet that eventually Muggers guy will end up using the leg though. Eventually.

28 Jul 2015 05:57 am


"eet would seem like you fiew herr deniz like a father figure and as such try to get hunto hees pants"

28 Jul 2015 08:41 am


I can relate to this, when things go wrong its so easy to be hard on yourself. It hurts to see failure in spite of your best efforts.

Still, Deniz knows there's someone who loves him enough to go through that kind of effort. It probably means a lot more to him than Mugger imagines.

Bonnie's dad seems to consider all of the hybrids to be his children, to some degree.

And to think, I once thought of this strip as a guilty pleasure about a guy and his hot striped girlfriend.

28 Jul 2015 09:40 am


Time to explain the human condition to someone who should have been taught years ago. Here is hoping she shares this knowledge with the others.

28 Jul 2015 10:33 am

Not as useless as you think.


You're not as useless as you think, you're just something of a fixer upper, like Deniz or most of the rest of us. Besides that was one sweet leg you built.

29 Jul 2015 06:41 pm


WAs i the only one who started rubbing my computer screen to see if it would create static

30 Jul 2015 03:16 am

its sorta true

@batman: no, you were not

30 Jul 2015 12:19 pm

@Darwinskeeper: Indeed. An artificial leg that works that well, that easily? That's superlative!

30 Jul 2015 10:25 pm

The long road back

IMHO..Both Mugs and Deniz are going to need the Docs help.What he will have to deal with is one of the roughest forms of PTSD. He knows what he did (under orders)was not a wartime "kill the enemy"scenario. (I think that Deniz has the true spirit of a warrior. Duty,Honor,Respect for the enemy, and compassion.) What he was ordered to do sickened him to his core.
He lost his leg. this to him was partial restitution for what he helped do. his paying the rent for "The Den" is also payment for his deed. Muggers "gift" cracked the wall he had built in his mind. This started the road to recovery. BUT..above all he must be able to forgive himself..No,I don't mean absolve himself of his part. That he will always have to live with..

30 Jul 2015 10:51 pm

The alternative is to wipe it often enough that static won't have the chance to build up.

31 Jul 2015 10:52 am

The cross & the Buddha...

The final panel has some interesting religious icons, I first noticed the cross but also two statues of the Buddha. The two combined suggests a mind that is not dominated by a particular religious belief but with spiritual matters. Both Jesus and the Buddha were concerned with people's suffering. It adds some extra meaning to the good doctor's, "So may I help you?"

31 Jul 2015 04:43 pm


Interesting. All the hybrids have to struggle with "catching up" on their socializing, since they didn't have the opportunity of a "normal" upbringing. The seeming ease humans have in social situations must seem both baffling and tantalizing to them.

So Mugger has no way of knowing her expectations of both her lover and herself are unrealistic, in terms of how much can be accomplished in such a short span of time. She's going to have to learn patience, for her man and for her own ability to help him.

31 Jul 2015 10:32 pm


@Darwinskeeper: I agree with your what I see is getting help to heal the soul..As I posted in the long road back..

31 Jul 2015 10:40 pm

social awkwardness

@wright1: I can relate to their 'social difficulties'. My childhood and the way I was raised caused me to be very socially awkward.It was difficult to make any sort of lasting friendships.