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14 Dec 2014 09:00 pm


14 Dec 2014 09:03 pm

Animations! Weeeeeeeeee!

Pretty fun to see the page work like this. That said, it's hard to read the entire chat box in one go. Maybe next time slow the speed at which the text appears?

Didn't think Alpha would admit to anything honestly.

14 Dec 2014 09:04 pm

the switching between pages is waaaaay too fast

14 Dec 2014 09:18 pm

@vlad: Yeah I agree. The text from the center Judge is just a bit to fast.

14 Dec 2014 09:19 pm


So they can cross-sue each other? That's an interesting take.

14 Dec 2014 09:19 pm

Well Mugger may have gotten herself into trouble already by saying not guilty of any charges cause she did technically injure Alpha unless it is unusable in cases of self defense.

Alpha is lying on her intent of stealing the briefcase but she was telling the truth otherwise she didn't seem to want to murder Mugger just assault and rob her.

14 Dec 2014 09:20 pm

WOOH Animations

Nice one Kenno! :D

14 Dec 2014 09:21 pm



Well it seems similar to TV court Shows and Japanese civil court where that happens.

14 Dec 2014 09:49 pm

I understand that Kenno loves to experiment with different formats. In many cases they work well (like the Frank Milleresque black, white and reds) in this case it doesn't work that well for me. My biggest objection is that the text moves way to fast and I can't read it well.

Mugger may be telling the truth depending on the point of view she uses. She may consider the aggression and injuries a matter of self defense.

The middle charge will be hard to dispute, I don't know about the buzz bracelet, but the flash bang and sticky bomb might be consider "mission grade". The best argument she can make is that they were used in an attempt to incapacitate an attacker with minimal injury and were part of a reasonable attempt at self defense against a stronger attacker.

The last charge, "usage of community property against the community's interest" is curious. I don't know whether "community property" just means the workshop and Monica's books or includes the materials used in constructing the leg, but it would be hard to argue that making a gift for someone who supports the community is "against the community's interest."

14 Dec 2014 10:50 pm

Bailiff, whack his pee pee!
Sorry, sorry! Wrong court case!

14 Dec 2014 11:44 pm

God, this is the most annoying page of anything I've ever read. Having to wait like 30 minutes to finish reading a single panel because it switched to the next panel before I could finish reading it.

14 Dec 2014 11:47 pm


mugger you clearly hurt her

15 Dec 2014 12:22 am

It's a little frightening that they have to prove their innocence. In the case of the girls it's 'Guilty until proven innocent.' Yikes!

15 Dec 2014 02:08 am

This is Beautiful

Please keep the entire trial in Ace Attorney format. This is the best thing I have ever seen.

15 Dec 2014 03:07 am

It could be worse...

Pray Kenno hasn't played Dangan Ronpa. This could turn dark faster than Monokuma can say "Punishment!"

Edit: And now I regret mentioning Dangan Ronpa. That might now happen.

15 Dec 2014 05:35 am

of or from

is it really exile 'of' this community or exile 'from' this community?

15 Dec 2014 06:09 am

Too fast!

Text might be too fast for people who have english as secondary or tercial language. Like me ;)

15 Dec 2014 09:35 am

@Tugar747: It's too fast for most people with English as their first language as well. I can't even get everything on one dialogue box if I am consciously rushing to try and get it all.

15 Dec 2014 03:36 pm

So I agree with most people that the artist needed to slow down the text. I think the author misjudged the speed because they themselves know what its suppose to say,vand reads it faster, like I just did in a quick tester after having read everything.

Also the fact that moving from panel to panel means you might hit one pannel in the middle of its sequence means you might have to wait 3 panels or not finish 1 and then complete the rest with partial info.

If we as readers could actually press space or enter and advance the pages that would be the best solution. I do applaud Kenno for trying something new often, this one was a good idea just bad executation, if the comic wasn't limited to image files it would be arbitrary to get the traditional visual novel style effect, with some javascript and html code or maybe adobe flash.

I do love the scene though and the charges has me wondering how the case can and will go.

15 Dec 2014 05:40 pm

To Fast Text

While the flash comic was a interesting idea the text moves to fast to really read. If it was slower or if the reader could change the text by like a button or something it might have worked better.

15 Dec 2014 06:57 pm

Quite the interesting turn of events. This said, there're some things that seem a tad off to me...

15 Dec 2014 11:43 pm

OMG Will the printed book do that??

P.S. I think "exile from this community" would be more correct.

16 Dec 2014 02:47 am

Extreme dislike of this. I read pretty damn fast, and was able to keep up with the changing text, but by the time I reached the next panel it was in it's 2nd or 3rd stage, throwing off the flow of the presentation.

16 Dec 2014 08:18 am

*Insert SFX*

Sweet! ... Law and order next? PWWWEEEEZZZEEE!!! *pouty kitty face*

16 Dec 2014 12:35 pm

Flash text

Nice idea for the flash test but it changes too fast with too much text to read in the time allowed, would be better if there was a next button to press to bring up the next load of text when you are ready to read it.

17 Dec 2014 10:06 am


It's always nice to see an artist realizing the possibilities of the media s/he uses, but let me give you a tip: Don't force a specific text-speed at your readers. Either give your readers an option to pause at a given point, or seperate the text into more boxes, or implement even java-applications, so your readers can klick through the text (to get an even closer RPG-feeling ;) ).

Nonetheless: really nice implementation of your possibilities.

17 Dec 2014 02:48 pm

welp, this should be interesting.