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24 Oct 2016 10:44 pm



24 Oct 2016 10:56 pm



24 Oct 2016 11:03 pm

Sheesh guys

Anyway... nice way of saying "Even Doctors need medicine sometimes."

Its funny how we tend to think that since someone does something for a living that means they are immune or some how excluded from certain problems in life. It's just not the case.

Great job here.

25 Oct 2016 01:28 am

Yay!!!! Some love for Jacky and Dolli (head canon name) <3

25 Oct 2016 03:07 am


Noooooo! I caught up to current!
This is such a good series, I swear!
I just recently found it due to line webtoons and couldnt wait for updates on there, so headed here.
This is so amazing, I dont even have words to describe it.

25 Oct 2016 07:33 am

@JenevieveA: Wellcome to the herd.