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28 Jan 2015 01:06 pm

Also my internet at home died :( sorry for the late update.


28 Jan 2015 01:23 pm

Oh, boy ...

I've got a bad feeling about this. O_o;;

28 Jan 2015 01:36 pm


No like seeing tears in eyes, especially lupine characters.

28 Jan 2015 01:46 pm


I get the feeling, since Al is there, Alpha may try to do something.... crazy.

28 Jan 2015 02:16 pm

Not Good!!!

Given that this is Alpha's third trial for something "human related" exile seems like a bad idea. I have the impression that Bagheera feels like there is nothing more she can do. She may be right, but with Alpha's history and the rage she's showing, she's going to lash out at somebody. I could hope she goes to the South Haven and lives a quiet life there, but I can't see that happening. I am concerned about Al (who could become a target of opportunity) and Deniz.

28 Jan 2015 02:43 pm

Woah now

Whelp. There we have it folks. Exile.

28 Jan 2015 02:47 pm


I think going to another community could be good for her. At least one that might have less human interaction(if possible?). Maybe they'll have someone that can help her there, but I agree some Darwinskeeper I don't think this is going to end well even if the trail is done.

28 Jan 2015 03:06 pm

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the bear female sitting as one of the judges the same bear female that was at the incident this trial was all about? I suppose there could be more than one bear female in the place. I'm just curious. The hairstyles look similar.

28 Jan 2015 03:36 pm

hmmm THis could go many ways.

While Alpha is part human, she seems to have very human irrational emotion of holding toxic grudges. I can't see this going well soon, it might in the future, but really people like these IRL hold on to their feelings because that's all they know what to hold on too. Its to hard for them to ease up on that irrational hate.

28 Jan 2015 04:33 pm

@Darwinskeeper: I doubt Al will be a likely target,the one we need to watch for now is Deniz,as Alpha will probably see him as the cause for her exile. Also,Alpha might start a group of hybrids that human hunt.If so,this would be bad for everyone,including the other hybrids. I understand baghy wants to do what is best for the community, but they should at least give her an escort or tracker of some sort.For a week(time allotted for Alpha to heal her wounds)they are covered,but after that,I believe that it will become whoever she can get her hands on first that is human.Worst case scenario,she goes after some random stranger and they survive to tell the tale,and even if they don't,the death will be all over the news,and it might re-ignite the search for the remaining hybrids,which will cause more horror and suffering to fel and the rest.I don't believe al is to likely as he has fel to protect him,and I'm pretty sure tiger is stronger than wolf.

28 Jan 2015 05:09 pm

@BritDillinger: Its hard to say, but our bear judge could easily be the same bear girl who accompanied Alpha and Trace. That would explain the way she stared at the table in the last panel of the previous strip after Alpha lost it and ruined that table. If she did hang out with Alpha right before the scuffle with Mugger, she would probably feel sympathy to her cause, and feel let down that Alpha damaged that cause.

28 Jan 2015 05:31 pm

@Darwinskeeper: Looked a lot more like she was pushing herself up out of her seat to me. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen that sort of body language.

28 Jan 2015 05:32 pm


Muggs? Keep a close eye on your man. You too, Fel, I'm getting the feeling that this will not be the last time she would cause trouble involving humans. People like her don't see themselves in fault, they see themselves as justified in their cause or hatred. So, BE CAREFUL AND WATCH OUT FOR YOUR MEN.

28 Jan 2015 07:15 pm

I feel a civil war coming somewhere in the future... Maybe there's a reason the South Haven is so eager to receive her...

28 Jan 2015 07:36 pm

Buh bye!

And thus another loose end to the story is tied up.

28 Jan 2015 08:38 pm

@Darwinskeeper: Is it possible that maybe she was just pushing herself up from the table?
We can't automatically assume that her facing the table was her effectively going "weeeell shit."

29 Jan 2015 01:18 am

I see nothing wrong.

@Darwinskeeper: What I see here is the enforcement of a three-strikes policy for this sort of thing. I'm not saying that there's NOTHING WRONG AT ALL, but I'm saying that although Bagheera probably feels like there's nothing she can do, they established rules and regulations for living, and if they're to keep any sort of order, they're going to obviously try to abide by them best they can... even if that means that someone that helped make them is to take the fall. No one is invincible.

on another unrelated note, the way Alpha's POV was done for the 7th panel was superb.

29 Jan 2015 03:31 am

A modicrum of Salt

Justice and Wrongdoing are not mutually exclusive.

29 Jan 2015 04:28 am

ohhh boy......

i don't think this is going to end well..... i'd definitly be more cautious if i was any of the humans or mugger. i don't think exile was a good choice here. they should have imprisoned her long term.

29 Jan 2015 04:29 am

@CinnamonGunner: i completely agree. Alpha is definitely going to come up again.

29 Jan 2015 06:57 am

This is going to be Pearl Harbor all over again

29 Jan 2015 12:02 pm

Differing viewpoint

Am I the only one that has looked at this situation, from the first comic where Alpha attempted to take the case, as fundamentally Mugger's fault? Although her being innocent is the "feel-good" ending, to me it feels like it isn't that simple.

While I am aware that Alpha "started" it by blocking Mugger's way, the first physical contact was Mugger when she pushed Alpha's arm away. It could be argued that Alpha upped it significantly by grabbing Mugger's arm and attempting to take the case next, but...

Does that really justify Mugger's response of using her chainsaw bracelet to shred Alpha's arm? Judged later as a "toy" or not, I found the whole scene to be rather shocking and a huge over-reaction to Alpha's actions. And again, while Alpha's choice to attack with intent to kill is certainly a strike against her, did Mugger really give her much of a choice by telling Alpha that the weapon she used was lethal and could have killed her?

So, to be honest, although I find the way the arguments are displayed and the pro-Mugger "reveals" to be fun to watch, they appear to be more about looking cool than being legally or logically sound. Theatrics aside, Mugger attacked first and did so with what Alpha thought was intent to kill - what is revealed about her "actual" actions AFTER the fight is honestly not nearly as important as what happened in the heat of the moment.

Now, of course this doesn't make Alpha's actions okay, as I doubt trying to kill someone who is running away could be considered self-defense. But to me, the situation seems much less clear than a straightforward, "Mugger innocent, Alpha guilty."

29 Jan 2015 12:56 pm

@Anonemous: Mugger's intent throughout the initial conflict was to incapacitate any resistance--while her methods seem extreme, they were entirely to induce panic and confusion in any would-be assailants. We know how capable Muggers really is, as well; it wouldn't have served any purpose of hers to permanently injure anyone, much less kill them and claim self-defense.

I suppose it all comes down to how far either party would take their agenda, and Alpha made it clear that she could not restrain herself were it to come down to the serious notes.

29 Jan 2015 02:30 pm

And Tim & Eric's Pierre has a DAD feeling about this.

29 Jan 2015 05:43 pm

This can go horrible

I don't think Alpha will be going on a rampage or something similar. I mean Alpha is crying and probably not because she gets exile, but Alpha believes she failed to protect her sisters from "those" Humans. Now Alphe will probably fall in a deep depression.

29 Jan 2015 06:23 pm

@Mechfried: I like that idea that Alpha may go off the deep end in a different direction. I can actually see her maybe attempting suicide at the south haven because her combined hatred and depression scarred her so deep. Not likely,but possible.

30 Jan 2015 12:03 pm

@Anonemous: The other thing that one has to remember is what Mugger said about Alpha's strength as a soldier class. Alpha made it clear that she was not going to let Mugger take the leg to Deniz. Once she grabbed Mugger's arm, the latter realized that Alpha's superior strength would be aimed at her, and felt the need to take extreme measures to defend herself.

In the end, if Alpha felt that Mugger's construct was an improper drain on community resources, she should have contacted the "authorities", like Bagheera and made her concerns known. Mugger could have made it clear that she was using her own resources to make the leg and THAT would have been the end of it. Instead, she tried to take the leg by force which led to the ensuing melee.

30 Jan 2015 06:48 pm

Curious to know...

....what the other two "human-related" incidents were.

Bit a Postman?
Chased a car?

30 Jan 2015 07:51 pm

A New Enemy

It's very clear that Alpha holds grudges for a long time, I see that this will most likely lead her to becoming vitriolic against Mugger and the judges of the council I imagine.

30 Jan 2015 08:08 pm

@ndrvr: I can see the normally stoic and hate-filled Alpha going apeshit and going after a car when it passes down the street,while the others runs after her like"Alpha,NO!

31 Jan 2015 12:28 am

A New Character Arch?

Alpha is defiantly a troubled and flawed person, I would like to see some side stories that follow her and her development. Something like a human saving her life (visa versa)?

Or will Al and Fel go to Alpha and have a little chat?

31 Jan 2015 09:27 am

Plot Idea

This has been dancing around in my head a little bit ever since Mugger got attacked. Take it or leave it for what it's worth...

I was thinking (at the same time) that it would be nice for Bonnie to have someone her own age to do stuff with. (Not like that, get your head out of the gutter.)

So how about this: A young male human about Bonnie's age who's like a runaway or homeless and comes across the Den. How does the Den react? Do they try to help or do some want nothing to do with him or do some even want to kill him?

31 Jan 2015 11:56 am

@Scallion Thrash: Interesting thought. While every hybrid doesn't hate humans, I imagine there is enough animosity that more would be inclined to kill him than help him. Those who hate humans could easily sell it as a security measure, it would be dangerous to have a nonaligned human knowing of the hybrids' existence and the Den's location.

A more probable idea would be for said boy (or girl) to run into Bonnie while she was exercising or going on the leproid's night races.

Another possibility. There could be other third generation hybrids out there.

31 Jan 2015 12:24 pm

@Darwinskeeper: This would be a good idea,and I believe that having Alpha be saved by a human would be interesting,as we would see her have to struggle with her hate,and he grudging gratitude to the human who saved her.We might see another Fel-Al situation occur,but with Alpha also changing a fundamental of her personality,letting go of the hate which she has had since the lab incident. It could also be used to show that even the most firm human-hater can be converted though the caring of another person.

31 Jan 2015 01:44 pm

@creasoleoil: I think that might be a bit to much out there given Alpha's character, but I do like the more probable idea @Darwinskeeper has than my original idea. Another Fel-Al relationship is possible, but you have to remember that they are still kids in the end. (Srsly, you guys, get your heads out of the gutter.)

31 Jan 2015 03:19 pm

Life without worthless humans?

I find Alpha's comment in panel 7 curious. I understand why she, Trace and some others have reason to hate humans, but think about what life for the hybrids would have been like without a few friendly humans.

If they were smart, they would move to some place in the country side that was far from human habitation and live off the land as hunter gatherers with a little farming on the side.

In any city, they would be living like Fel was before she met Al, hiding in any unoccupied structure they could find and probably either hunting stray animals and picking through garbage for food. That would have put them in danger from the redeyes - they almost got Fel before she made it to Al's dumpster.

I can appreciate the risks involved in trusting a former redeye, and the fear that the humans who are aiding them could be setting them up. Still, those risks pale compared with the risk of trying to live on the streets of Stripe City, or any other city for that matter.

01 Feb 2015 08:53 am


@Anonemous: Speculation, but: Remember that even the girls who weren't bred as combatants were trained for combat-level self defense. That may mean a certain amount of hair-trigger and "I need to stop my opponent NOW" response, which could lead to rapid escalation when two of them are facing each other.

Even ordinary humans sometimes need re-socialization after leaving combat, and these gals don't exactly have memories of a "normal" life to fall back upon.

Could everyone have handled it better? Of course. Did they think of those alternatives in the heat of the moment? Perhaps not. Which suggests that this sort of conflict may be an ongoing problem until they really accept at a gut level that they can trust the court (martial?) to resolve disagreements.

And which reminds us that the mere humans who care about them are, in fact, taking serious risks on an ongoing basis. I'm reminded of a comment from one researcher after an ape bit off one of his fingers: "It was just a moment of rage and frustration. She was clearly sorry as hell immediately afterward. ... But the damage was done."

Step 1: Learn how to punch. Step 2: Learn to pull your punches. Step 3: Learn how not to punch...

01 Feb 2015 11:57 am

Don't kill Deniz, please.

It would be such a waste of a prosthetic leg if Alpha kills Deniz.

It would also break my heart a little bit.