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05 Oct 2015 10:41 pm

What happened to the characterimages?

If you look at Al and Fel in #233 and compare them to the current #285. It looks like a new artist took over with their own idea of what the characters should look like.

In the earlier images. Fel looked human with some cat like facial qualities (50/50). Now she looks far more cat like with big eyes, facial features and looks kind of creepy and leans more towards 80/20 to cat/tiger.

Sometimes redesigning characters isn't always the best thing to do.

05 Oct 2015 10:50 pm

is all good

naw, if you pay attention all throughout the comic, it looks like the artist has tried out new and interesting styles to add something to the panel. its not in every new panel every week but sometimes he changes up which is just fine and really cool cause sometimes the change to the art style ends up adding to the over all tone.

05 Oct 2015 10:51 pm

They now have a son.

05 Oct 2015 11:08 pm

That sort of explains it.

The way Fel puts it the idea of cat language sorta kinda makes sense and fits with the overall hardness of the strip. The idea of Fel communicating with felines is cool and no crazier than her ability to leap from roof top to roof top.

05 Oct 2015 11:10 pm

@Don: Kenno changes art styles from page to page.

05 Oct 2015 11:54 pm

well, i like the older designs better. Fel just looks odd and Al... well, he just looks wrong in this strip, especially in that last panel. just my opinion.

06 Oct 2015 01:15 am

@Don: Yeah, Kenno kinda always switches it up. Though I admit I have no idea who the human here is, I guess it's Al, but he looks more like the legless dude.

06 Oct 2015 01:23 am

Yessir, that's an anus.

06 Oct 2015 01:31 am

About switching art styles throughout pages

I believe we understand that Kenno definitely changes art styles, techniques, and methods with new pages of the comic. However, what I'm starting to notice is that he is becoming more "comfortable" with aesthetics, in this case the character designs. I see where Don is coming from, but it's not that "Kenno just switches art styles." Kenno's art is evolving, it's growing. The very beginning of the comic, the characters looked anime-inspired (at least to me). Yes, pages had different styles, and he still switches it up today, but now characters appear more "real" or natural, with painterly visuals and aesthetic.

TL;DR: Although Kenno switches up art styles, his art is just growing and is different from back then. Things change.

06 Oct 2015 03:49 am

@Sherbert T Cat:

Code (into cellphone:) "No, I did not film 30-plus-minutes of a cat licking its nuts from 3 angles... No... I ran out of the film-stock First Unit sent after 5 minutes and it took 30 minutes for more of that stock to arrive. Just after we reloaded, the cat moved to its anus... Yes... Yes, we did... That IS what your first unit requested: Cat #3, cleaning its anus, 3 angles, 35mm lens, on stock #7, reference marked for composite of Fel's crotch shot..."

06 Oct 2015 05:59 am

nice eyes

you can see the cat and the yellow couch reflected in her eyes, when she requests of the cat

06 Oct 2015 06:54 am

This cat has yet to understand the powers of cuteness it has over humans.

06 Oct 2015 09:15 am

Kenno has always changed his art style to suit the mood, which is something I don't think I've seen in any other comic (except maybe Homestuck). And It's really cool! Like he did that whole section in a pixellated style with animated text just to make it an Ace Attorney reference. And it was black and white, like, 4 pages ago and the style and level of detail changed to reflect the mood. I LOVE IT.

06 Oct 2015 03:02 pm

So...the cat comprehends the concept of pet?

06 Oct 2015 06:13 pm

Changng Styles

I haven't noticed a real evolution of the basic styles but I have noticed that Kenno likes to play with all sorts of different artistic styles. Sometimes they really suit the theme, like when he drew Mugger's battle with Alpha in a Frank Milleresque black, white and red. At other times, they just feel strange -- does anybody understand why he drew Bonnie's introduction to the Den and the Leproids like a screenshot of "Animal Crossing"? I generally prefer the standard, more realistic style, but that's because I'm a dull boy. I generally love the story line even when I don't care for the art style de jour.

06 Oct 2015 09:57 pm

Dat Logic

Her boyfriends reactionis priceless. Walking talking Furries in the flesh = normal. Cat's having their own (body) language ZOMG, call the doctor, she's crazy!!! XD

07 Oct 2015 01:25 am

Did you notice..

The speech bubbles from fel and the kitty are cat-shaped?

07 Oct 2015 09:19 am

Different Art Styles Can Be A Thing Of Beauty in A Webcomic.

Kenno has a way of changing art styles fluidly unlike anything I've ever seen in a webcomic before it. he's really good at doing that, and when the art does change, it's most likely for experimentation purposes, I'm guessing. there's just so much you can do with different art styles to express whatever is going on, depending. if you look closely since the beginning of the comic, you'll see the art style changes multiple times, and it's mostly about the mood of the situation at hand within, or simply for no reason.

07 Oct 2015 03:47 pm

This reminds me.

...Of a lost play by The Bard himself. It was written during his "Shitfaced on absinthe" period. I present to you, the only known draft of that lost play.

It is the height of the Burgundian Wars. Alfonso, a nobleman of Moorish descent, is having a conversation with his cat.
-Act 1-
Cat: Look at my anus!
Alfonso: No.
Cat: Look at my anus!
Alfonso: No!
Cat: Look at my anus!
Alfonso: *sigh* No!
-Act 2-
Cat: Look at my anus!
Alfonso: No.
Cat: Look at my anus!
Alfonso: No!
Cat: Look at my anus!
Alfonso: *sigh* No!
-Act 3-
*The Battle of Grandson breaks out and everyone is killed*

07 Oct 2015 11:45 pm


Firstly, to Kenno: You draw the most delicious thighs, please continue this trend of thigh-based awesome. Probably should just say that on your blog for such actions but hey it's here and I'm not going into full detail.

Secondly: I am 120% sure I'd said something about body language for animals sometime previously, and it takes Al to appear for anyone to catch it. These doubts, they come with swift debts.

08 Oct 2015 12:11 am

Zoo visit

Why does this make me think they'll make a trip to the Zoo to talk to the animals and cause antics and such?
Would be silly though.