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20 Nov 2014 09:34 am

Not exactly the dubliners, but I found this version of the song more cooler


23 Nov 2014 10:23 am

Wouldn't the bomb kill her?

23 Nov 2014 10:27 am


Not bad Mugger. We now we know that she has the mind of decrpyting like Sherlock Holmes. Surprisingly not that people actually do that. But good for her! Glad she can take care of herself!

23 Nov 2014 11:04 am


23 Nov 2014 01:06 pm

Mugger, the female Sly Cooper

23 Nov 2014 01:39 pm

@GaiaNex: It's a glue bomb, by the looks, to fix her foot to the floor. My first thought was "plasma grenade", too. :P

23 Nov 2014 02:00 pm

Sherlock holmes

She pulled a sherlock

23 Nov 2014 03:16 pm

And that's why brains(plus ample bottom) wins!

23 Nov 2014 03:44 pm


one of my favourite words in the English language.

23 Nov 2014 04:19 pm

After the mess she made of the arm and having a flash-bang ready, that combat unit should have known to back away slowly and hope like hell that Mugger was not a type to hold a grudge.

23 Nov 2014 07:03 pm


God, I've had someone bat my ears like that and it is not fun. Luckily my hearing came back after a minute or so.

23 Nov 2014 08:41 pm

I'm impressed with the amount of restraint Mugger has shown. While the bracelet caused a lot of pain and bleeding (and may leave scarring) it looks like it hasn't damaged the arm. Her other actions -- a flash bang grenade, a glue bomb and an ear clap -- are all intended to incapacitate without causing permanent damage. This should make it easier for her to present herself as the injured party and her actions as self defense.

I see that Swift has noticed the flashbang. I wonder if she'll investigate. I wonder what she'll do?

23 Nov 2014 08:56 pm

Sherlock Mugger

I just realized that some of the tactics Mugger is using is from the Sherlock Holmes movie

23 Nov 2014 11:14 pm

Hell yeah, Sherlock reference!

24 Nov 2014 05:18 am

@steelCOYOTE: And her being a canine, think about how much worse it would be for her, haha. Maybe she'll be incapacitated for even longer than one minute, or fight deafened.

24 Nov 2014 05:32 am

I really like this comic, you know? I hope it gets animated at some point. It really should. Oooooh, I can just imagine it..... Azumanga Daioh-style.... For the Massive Win!!!

24 Nov 2014 08:38 am


Referring to the video. That floored me. Good find dude!

24 Nov 2014 10:30 am

@Syndy: indeed

25 Nov 2014 06:29 am

I get it Sticky Bomb as in a Bomb that makes her stick in place not a bomb that sticks to her then blows her to small places

love the sherlock prediction there it suits her characters intelligence

25 Nov 2014 08:15 pm

evaluate, plan, act

@Foe: that was my favorite scene from Sherlock 2009

25 Nov 2014 08:31 pm


You should go Ip Man on the next pages, well sherlock holmes fight scenes were instructed by a wing chun practitioner so i think it would be awesome to add some of that

26 Nov 2014 01:37 am

Not all bombs are to kill.

@GaiaNex: Just because it is a "Bomb" does not mean it will explode a harmful fire ball. It exploded glue onto the wolf's foot to keep her place and to trip. Not all bombs are ment to kill. Like the smoke bomb.