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01 Sep 2014 01:27 am

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01 Sep 2014 01:39 am


01 Sep 2014 01:47 am


Ready the Cannons! Certain Shipping is CANON! Pawsy and Fel's shenanigans back in the Lab Days are now canon.... Bagheera and has thLynx and... Pawsy and Green!?!?


Trace! Get out there and reclaim your striped piece of Ass! TRAWSY 4EVER!!!

01 Sep 2014 01:47 am

I really like the atmosphere of the milk bar. It's so relaxing and open feeling.

Also, milk carton brand for the win.

01 Sep 2014 01:48 am

Semi crossover?

hahaha is it just me or that's Mora? XD

01 Sep 2014 03:46 am

Obvious thing is obvious

Fel could easily point out they are all part human. A little counter teasing of her own as it were.

01 Sep 2014 04:12 am

Speaking of Crossovers

@MaveriKat: When you said Trace, I was thinking of the main character of "Twokinds" who has not only claimed a striped one of his own, but has gotten her pregnant.

01 Sep 2014 04:43 am


@Aldon: You will see quite a few cross overs, in fact in Las Lindas you see someone who is CLEARLY Fel. Down to the word Stripes on the tail.

01 Sep 2014 04:55 am

@Aldon: she has to sell her merchandise somewhere XD

01 Sep 2014 05:05 am

something is going to happen

01 Sep 2014 11:48 pm

Let's face it,...

.....Pawsy clearly is running a dating service so she can filter for a "tiger" to occasionally spice up her "free soul" life ^^.