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24 Mar 2015 08:48 am

And before anybody says anything: He does not look like Walter White. To the contrary, Walter White looks like all the dad traits combined and that's what makes him so relatable and that's why he looks like everybody's dad. Hell, my dad looks like walter white.


24 Mar 2015 08:59 am

Hmm seems like Al gets more of his moms looks and his height from her side of the family.
Also love Al's dad for some reason already something tells me he would be more open to meeting Fel first. XD

24 Mar 2015 09:25 am

Could be a red herring but...

Uncle Alvin - Ally of another Hybrid safehouse?

24 Mar 2015 11:45 am

Is Al's dad name Simon or Theodore by chance?

24 Mar 2015 12:31 pm

A little weird she says... with her pig nose.

24 Mar 2015 02:06 pm

why are families like this anyway?? mines is just like this

24 Mar 2015 04:03 pm

Kenno, with Al and his mom having that hair thingy up there in the same comic page, they look like different species o.O

24 Mar 2015 04:13 pm

The face of father in pic 2, like he just smeled cookies of sow true nature of his son :)

24 Mar 2015 05:56 pm

Ho-ly SHIT!

Al's Dad is my high school shop teacher?! So scandalous!

24 Mar 2015 06:45 pm

@chakat Bombshell: i agree i think they would bond of war story or something like that

24 Mar 2015 08:19 pm

...and just out there,...

...hidden in a tree, CovOps Green is getting the creeps and nightmare fuel for her lifetime ^^.

Horror has entered a whole new level...*dun dun dunnnnn....*

25 Mar 2015 01:45 pm


If Al's parents want to have grandchildren, maybe Fel and him could adopt. Or they could just send fake pictures of someone else's children. It worked with my parents.

25 Mar 2015 06:47 pm


I'm lucky I guess. My mom is a over protective type but my old man is the wissage of "do what yea want as I taught yea right from wrong and always wrap it"

26 Mar 2015 02:47 am

@zoro4661: the problem with fake picture is that his parents can came over anytime to check, adoption is at risk to, after same time kid at school will mess up ewrythink by drawing his "mom" with tale or fur at kindergarden it will be ok i gues but hidhshool? University? I would say make story that Als wife can't have kids and they are against adoption.

26 Mar 2015 09:45 am


Al's mom is kinda of a homophobe don'tcha think?

26 Mar 2015 05:31 pm

@SniperFox: I don't see her as much as a homophobe as somebody who wants everybody to confine to her concept of "normal". With a homophobe you can be one's self as long as you're straight. With the other kind, being "straight" starts with hetrosexuality and goes downhill from there.

27 Mar 2015 05:35 am

20 bucks he forgot the picture he put up of her and they see it

27 Mar 2015 09:05 am

And now I'm waiting to see Chipmunks mentioned. I mean Uncle Alvin... Where's Simon and Theodore? hehe

27 Mar 2015 03:36 pm

Smaller than I expected???

I'm a little puzzled by the mom's comment in panel 3. I live in the USA and I think Al's apartment looks pretty spacious for a single guy working in a copy shop. What did she expect? A penthouse apartment? Or is this just a standard mom comment?