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13 Apr 2014 09:19 pm

culture mixture

I really hope that somehow more males are worked into the society of the hybrids, there are so many guys who would happily be with these awesome girls.

13 Apr 2014 09:31 pm

Cultural Differences.

Seems even if they're PANDAS, the Asians whoop everyone else's asses in the realms of scholastic and electronics.

But hey! Mugger and Sophie? I doubt it will be the next "Trawsy" but one can hope.

13 Apr 2014 10:25 pm

Soph and Bonnie should hang out.

13 Apr 2014 11:03 pm

Wow, Soph seems kind of cool.

But so does Mugger. It's interesting to see this, it reminds me of the page where Mugger stood up for Alex.

It seems there a bit of a divide between the intelligence models and offensive models.

13 Apr 2014 11:31 pm

Is the advice meant literally or metaphoricaly?

13 Apr 2014 11:41 pm

@Alister: Kenno already said there were only female subjects, no males.

14 Apr 2014 01:45 am

I see it coming

Muggs x Soph,i'm gonna like this ...

14 Apr 2014 02:13 am

@Alister / @Maltion: While there are only female hybrids, perhaps they'll eventually find a way to meet human guys? Couldn't they set up a kind of dating service that targets furry fans, with tests to see they're just honest guys interested in dating and would never blab for 10 minutes of fame.

@MaveriKat / @RedKnives:
Mugger x Soph ? Interesting. Though, what we're shown merely suggests that they're like close sisters, with Mugger looking out for those that get picked on.

With no access to males to speak of, though, it makes me wonder how many - if any - hybrids are same-sex oriented.

@Ru: Good idea about Soph hanging out with Bonnie. It looks like they're about the same level when it comes to electronics and games. (That is, above superhuman.)

14 Apr 2014 03:09 am

"I like being alone, I just don't like being lonely"

I feel you, Soph :^(

14 Apr 2014 07:57 am

but tight plastic bag knots are a paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain. im going to cut them.

14 Apr 2014 09:20 am

Less Al, More Hybrids = Great Direction

Al hasn't been around for a while. And honestly, I'm actually glad for that. I think this story is a lot more interesting focusing on the lives of the various hybrids rather than just the overly lovey-dovey relationship of Al and Fel. Without any conflict to come between Al and Fel, their relationship has gotten somewhat boring and stagnant. There's a reason why so many sitcoms hold off on pairing characters up who like each other for years: sometimes, once they finally get together, writers simply don't know what to do with them. The unresolved sexual tension of "will they?/won't they?" ends up being far more interesting than the relationship itself.

So I think the "ensemble cast" direction of the comic right now is a really good one. It shows that there are other people in the world with their own issues rather than just Happy Al and Happy Fel all the time.

14 Apr 2014 01:37 pm

Kenno, did you mean "*these* human things" in the third panel? Maybe i'm being an idiot. :)

14 Apr 2014 02:41 pm

Well... those two seem quite fitting together indeed. :)
Most likely just a good friends matherial, thou if they'd becoe something else... that would be very nice too. :)

14 Apr 2014 07:49 pm

On Al & Fel vs. More Hybrids

@Furryfan: I can't completely disagree with your evaluation of the direction the story is going because it remains rather interesting. And change is often good. However, I'd say that if this story remains a pure slice-of-life focusing on the Hybrids in this hideaway, that's going to get old, too. Al and Fel are interesting characters and what got fans to follow. And the interest does not have to be ruined simply because they're together and lovey-dovey now.

Take the Frasier sitcom, for example. Even after Niles and Daphney finally got together and married, the story continued and the fans still loved it. Most story tellers don't do that, though, because it takes a lot of writing talent and creativity to keep things interesting. It's generally more effort and easier to become stagnant.

I fully expect that, eventually, some outside force(s) will interfere with the peaceful lives of Al & Fel, if not the Hybrids as a whole.

15 Apr 2014 12:51 am


Mugger is a good big sister. ^_^

15 Apr 2014 01:38 am

-whispers- girfriends

15 Apr 2014 04:24 am

@xpacetrue: Did you miss that whole monologue by Al where he observes Hybrid society and compares it to human society? A lot of it is explained how they function in society and their norms/culture.

15 Apr 2014 04:58 am

Great page

i love how soph is so flat chested she can lay on her stomach. Also, how dare you not hint at what game they are playing? You disapoint me Kenno. *cocks shotgun*

15 Apr 2014 11:06 pm


The trials and tribulations of an introvert.

16 Apr 2014 04:55 am

Ne, Everett

It took me a long time to get this, but is this strip's title and style a tribute to the ending sequence to Space Dandy, 'Welcome to the X Dimension'?

16 Apr 2014 07:43 am

Muggs Huggs!

16 Apr 2014 09:00 pm

HAHA Asian jokes.

...can this be considered mildly racist or does it not count because they're animal people?

17 Apr 2014 11:35 am

Sometimes you just need a roomie that undestands you. In this case, the masked mates. :D

18 Apr 2014 05:59 pm

@Connors: I was just riffing on the rhyme between Soph's reference for her roommate, and comforting close contact.
I have no idea where you're getting "asian jokes" from.

18 Apr 2014 10:57 pm


I was referring to the comic, not your comment. >u<

18 Apr 2014 11:16 pm

Not racist.

@Connors: No man, a racist joke would be naming a character "Chinky the Chinaman", and have the character speak extreme engrish.

20 Apr 2014 11:06 am

@Smallfoot: YES, YES IT IS! finally someone notices!

20 Apr 2014 04:15 pm

@Kenno Arkkan: The cubes lines and squiggle in panel 4 caught my attention first, strangely enough. Then everything else fell into place. Good art tribute to a good ending sequence! Have a coupon for your local Boobies!