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29 Jun 2015 11:53 pm

Oh Snap!

I wonder if Mugger will do anything

30 Jun 2015 12:13 am

PTSD triggering a panic attack. Doesn't qualify for DAV either, I bet...

30 Jun 2015 12:14 am

today's PTSD caused by loss of limb therapy session will be hosted by Edward Elric

30 Jun 2015 01:09 am

@sixtus_quinn: 20%. and the guy with the desk job who's "seen action" and went through "severe mental trauma" will get 80%.

30 Jun 2015 01:43 am


Only been following for a couple of days, since I found your stuff elsewhere. Poor guy, he is so broken up over the part he played.

30 Jun 2015 03:11 am

That blurred character outline bears a strong resemblance to Alpha. I'm betting that's why Alpha was so hell bent on him staying a cripple.

30 Jun 2015 04:11 am


Whenever I see stuff like this or hear about it all I can think is that....I cant imagine having to follow an order like that.

30 Jun 2015 04:38 am

Augh. Everything about this backstory fucks me up so badly. I feel like just crying forever.

30 Jun 2015 06:46 am

@Arkanius: I was thinking the same thing.

30 Jun 2015 07:24 am

@darkgryffon: Real soldiers are suppose to reject these orders. Unless they are black ops or corporate then you don't get a choice or you are first.
Having all the information is important. If a soldier sneaks into a families home, kills them and sets the house on fire is clearly evil. Unless you know he was told they were infected with a contagion. That threatened thousands of others. If the soldier was lied to he is not evil just saving lives.
I think these were ex-military getting a nice paycheck for doing little until the shut down order. This is a strong, suffering statement that he is still human for it to hurt so much.

30 Jun 2015 07:52 am

Yeah, one of the biggest effects of the Normandy Trials was that "I was following orders" no longer stood as a defense for soldiers doing what society decides is wrong.

30 Jun 2015 08:16 am


It looks like Alpha, but when he first retold this story about his leg getting cut off that the warrior who did it to him died. He decapitated her in the same breath as his leg getting sliced off.

30 Jun 2015 11:18 am

@Arkanius: I think you might be right.

30 Jun 2015 08:17 pm

@Hornet I think you meant Nuremburg Trials.

The timing of these last two strips was quite good considering June 27th was National PTSD Awareness Day in the U.S.

30 Jun 2015 09:28 pm

Alpha may not have been the only wolf hybrid. The one that took his leg may have been a different wolf girl. But if they were trained together or this one was a bit older it still makes sense for Alphas outrage and pain. Very much so if poor Alpha saw her sister die to the red eyes. It would explain the empty sorrow we see in page 129 if that is Alpha after the shutdown.

01 Jul 2015 06:57 am

@GruntDoc: Yes. thank you.

01 Jul 2015 09:24 pm


i just learned about this comic series today and i got to say this is amazing!!!

01 Jul 2015 09:30 pm


While not exactly nice to be reminded of, it is an interesting look into the mind of a soldier and what kind of things they have to tell themselves, although I imagine it's harder for him to justify his actions seeing as how it's not like in an actual war where the people are of a country who you are fighting for resources or survival or some partially justifiable point of moral superiority.

04 Jul 2015 10:22 am

I figured that he'd run into Alpha during his training, instead he ran into himself.

04 Jul 2015 02:08 pm


Can't wait for the next post!!!

05 Jul 2015 11:46 am

Oh... Crap

Oooooh... thats not good..

05 Jul 2015 05:03 pm


I'm beginning to wonder exactly what happened to the remaining soldiers...